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Poems of Neil J MacDonald
The Fiddle that comes from Afar

The fiddle that comes from afar,
Came o'er the broad Atlantic.
Driven from the Highland Glens,
Since the it made the Sassenach frantic.
Fearful that dances done by women,
Once more would be done by men.
That the Gaelic warrior,
Would retake his Highland Glen.
It landed on Cape Breton's shore,
And went to Glengarry county,too.
From crofts in The Highlands,
To cabins in the Canadian bush ;
It cries like the warriors pibroch,
And lilts like a forest thrush.
To Red River it also came to settle,
Where cold prairie winds tested its mettle.
It speaks, still, with notes of celtic joy;
But as well with notes of Canadian grief.
It came from across stormy waters,
To be a tradition for our sons 'n' daughters;
In the land of The Red Maple Leaf.

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