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Frank McNie's Poems


I've thought about you so fondly, so often, for so long
there is a corner of my mind which is you alone.
It's a special place I can go when I'm sad and see your smiling 
face across a crowded room, lit up like a Chinese lantern, sending
a warm glow about that place on beams of love.

When I'm lonely I can meet you there, a secret rendezvous in 
my mind where our souls meet in perfect harmony.
Love, understanding, and forgiveness, are stacked in abundance
at that special place, a growing pile that threatens to invade other
regions of my mind for I learn more from you each day.

I can hear you talking there, not caring what you say, 
that verbal pitter patter on my heart is what I lust for.
I bask in the glory of your voice for ' I ' am the one you 'must' talk to.

I take comfort in knowing that special place is there safe behind
locked doors, in my mind forever. 
There are two keys, one always with me for when the need arises,
another is yours for it seems you can unlock that door at will.