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Poems of Mac McAnear
Prologue to the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

“Happy is the man who reads, and happy those
who listen to the words of this prophecy and heed
what is written in it.”  REVELATION 1:3 

And were these horsemen riding abreast
Banners and flags unfurled
Arrive as one at the very crest
What be the fate of the world? 

For it is said of this relative measure
Both Good and Evil stand a chance
Were we by fortune to find man’s treasure
There a dove and a lance! 

War exists because we will it so
Nothing more monotonous than Peace
Till grow weary trading blow for blow
Will the shedding of blood ever cease! 

Don’t we revel and the blood flow hot
When attacked and maimed in the fray
Our leaders stand erect, give all they’ve got
And ask for revenge when they pray?

‘Tis certain as the succeeding season
That yin and yang alternate
Halcyon peace directed by reason
Cruelly interrupted by Fate!

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