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Poems of Mac McAnear
The Bruce's Heart

The Bruce’s heart beat one last time
Stopped at the break of day
Faithful men with the watch all night
Witnessed and knelt to pray. 

Grim under solemn oath
To take his heart from his corpse
Secure it well in a casket made
Entrust to the knight on his horse. 

Jamie Douglas a close, close friend
With sacred promise for the deed
Would carry the heart as he faced the Saracen
Fight till Jerusalem freed!. 

Content at last the Bruce expired
Assured his heart would go
To defend the Faith in the Holy Land
Against the Saracen foe. 

Fixed in his thoughts Jamie crossed the waters
On the Spanish land met the Moor
Girded himself for the upcoming battle
The Bruce’s heart afore. 

Overwhelmed--- though fought like a demon
The Saracen swords took their toll
With mighty effort rose in the saddle
Hurled the heart ahead to a knoll. 

“Robbie, me Lad, lead the way!
“I’ll soon be up behind ye
“We’ll fight together the heathen devil
“Thou, Brave Heart, to remind me!”

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