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Poems of Mac McAnear
Molly Malone's Merry Friend

Molly Malone’s merry friend Martha Magee
Loved the snow, was on the go where she could ski. 

At winter’s call when snowflakes fall, from morn to seven
All her hopes were on the slopes there in her heaven. 

Under sunny skies with sparkling eyes and never a frown
She climbed the hill to feel the thrill of coming down. 

She waxed her skis among the trees so she could speed
Raced along singing a song and in the lead. 

A patch of ice added spice to this rapid ride
Caused a slip, a cartwheel flip, on her side! 

There she lay, we’re happy to say, not too long
Regained her feet, brushed her seat, broke into song! 

Molly’s friend did not pretend she never fell
Her fervent hope while on the slope it’d turn out well!

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