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Poems of Mac McAnear
Molly's Pet

Molly’s pet was a yellow cat
Clarissa her name and far from fat 

Part of the family since a kitten
Liked to play with Molly’s mitten. 

When winter came and there was snow
Clarissa knew where she could go 

Up to the window to perch so still
Watching snow flakes on the sill! 

A big storm came, snow piled high
Covered the window, blocked out the sky 

Though having fun on her skis
She trudged home before she’d freeze! 

At the window stopped to wipe the snow
Looked for Clarissa in light’s soft glow 

Clarissa noticed, jumped high on the sill
Rubbed her nose against the glassy chill! 

Molly’s chore to put away her skis
Then stroke her cat on bended knees 

Clarissa purred and rubbed along
The special way cats sing their song!

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