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Poems of Mac McAnear
A Boy's Life in West Texas

Back in Texas where I come from
A day’s work from sun to sun
That way till everything done
Good and tired as we fell in bed.

In the summer carrying a hoe
Chopping weeds along the row
With my brother to and fro
Hoping for a thunderhead.

Just like boys everywhere
Get out of work, we didn’t care
Long as truth and sounded fair
Watched as clouds formed around..

"Whatta ya bet it’s gonna pour?"
One uttered and we’d say no more
Rain miss and make us sore
Then hoes’d hit the ground.

But luck with us once in awhile
Rain’s coolness made us smile
As we grabbed the only file
Headed for the nearest lean-to..

Routine when coming in
Getting wet certainly no sin
If Dad knew where we’d been
Just enough to know what to do!

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