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Poems of Mac McAnear
O, A Proper thing for Patrick

A convincing story told full of good advice
How the little people came and acted awfully nice
Helping with all the chores that everybody hated
But quit one night midst it all to show that we were baited! 

O, a proper thing for Patrick
As he talked of people’s sloth
He was their conscience
A man of the cloth! 

The little people laughed, slapping on their knee
To realize how easy this was going to be
With raucous joy broke the plows at a crucial time of year
Then split the sacks and spilled the grain to cause a saddened tear! 

O, a proper thing for Patrick
As he preached about their greed
Emphasizing the lesson
Of saving up their seed! 

These ever-present imps never up to good
Lurking in their homes deep inside the wood
Knew the very instant a person broke a rule
Made him then a butt of his neighbors’ ridicule! 

O, a proper thing for Patrick
As he praised the holy Sod
Appealed to his flock
To always think on God!

He chased the snakes from all the lakes
Reassured the folk
Told of love of the peaceful Dove
Lifted the people’s yoke!

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