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Poems and Stories of M. W. McDermott
The Men who Meddle, a Breeders Plea

        Men of honor will have no need...
        To hide behind closed Doors.
        Nor render Showmen's competition obsolete.
With threats and manuvers behind closed doors.
        Men of honor will have no need...
        To worry in their sleep.
        Nor speak from a Bullies pulpit.
        Men of honor will stand their ground.
        Let honors truth then speak.
        Its a fair place we seek to demonstrate,
        Our vision of the breed Scottish Highland.
        Men of Honor will have no need...
        To fear the words of one.
        Who speaks the truth...
        Men of Honor I call you to stand.
        For the sake of the breed.
        Unlock the doors of deceit.
        Swing wide the doors.
        Honor Demands...
        A fair playing field,
        When the breeds best are displayed.
        Let Men of Honor test their mettle.
        We shall be free at last of this rabble.
        Who meddle behind closed doors.
        Its the power of your vote I seek,
        To sway, that we remain Freemen uncensored.

       " A plea to re-instate the Bluhm's"
        A plea for the breed Scottish Highland.

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