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Poems of M. W. McDermott

Sounds life threatening

To think of sounds life threatening,
I wait for voices clear.
Please speak dear Surgeon to me,
Calm my uncertainty.
For I have come once again…
And must trust unknowing hands.

I've laid upon your table…
As knife cuts skin to bone.
Hoping always hoping…
That soon I'd be going home.

Of knives and sutures, Surgeons hands, 
I've been here many times before.
Oh, yes I am healthy, but not too…
Else your need I'd not explore.

To think of sounds life threatening,
Of senses quite profound.
I lay here now wondering…
Just what it is you've found?

Yes, locked behind a window clear,
Behind my silent drum.
Lies secretes found, discovery!
I wonder what you've found?

Perhaps in silence, soon I'll cope?
Will motion be perceived?
When I stand alone in silence…
How changed the world for me?

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