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Poems of M. W. McDermott

Spring has arrived

The sound of Spring.
Makes its self know,
With sudden changes...
Small steps go unnoticed,
To the common passer-by.
Awareness obscured by repetition,
Like the beating of heart and its sounds...
We do not perceive the beating,
Then in silence and calm ...
A roaring is perceived.
The maddening beating of a healthy heart.
The wind blows.
As it does everyday.
Then in a flash,
Our perception craves awareness.
Spring is a great voice of Nature.
In silence we may hear its sound.
In the brightness of day,
Sudden changes make their appearance,
Which makes the change of Season,
A moment of great excitement!
We change from Winters cover of white.
Hidden beneath sleepy flowers,
Beasts, bugs and reptile...
Stir from a long winters
Ah, the bulls sing.
They bellow in great voice.
A song, a song of Spring.
They awaken the moment,
Of creation...
Announcing to all.
Their claim to all within range.
The great voice of Spring.
And its stirings.
It is time then to test mettle.
Strength for strength,
And Rights to territory.
In a roar,
Spring has arrived.
The days grow longer.
Heat warms the blood into action,
Both for Man and Beast.
I stand in silence.
Aware it is time.
For springs arrival.
A whiteness.
The quiet broken.
With the sound of a new calf,
Born, a bird flies overhead.
The land turns green.
And flowers Bloom.
I stand in wonder.
Silence broken...
With the orchestra,
Of Spring...
And its many wonders.
Awaiting discovery,
In the perception of an alert Mind...
And a willing Heart.
To you my mate,
I send my love.
And announce my true intent.
With Spring comes...
My beating heart.
Let us share ...
The arrival of Spring,
In the silence,
Touching one the other.
In Natures kind embrace,
The arrival of spring!

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