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Frank McNie's Poems


Café Latte Grande Estate
Barrista coffee while you wait
Rich and dark and piping hot
Life's essence in a coffee pot

Songs, symphonies, plays and more
just waiting there for you to pour
Business answers great solutions
are but coffee bean infusions

For your first cup try our
"High Grown Contemplate"
for your second
by the bowl "Procrastinate"

We have "Fluffy Feelings"
in a designer mug
"Apologies" in our biggest jug
"Mocha Thank You"
for our daily brew
"Dark Roast Thoughts"
in a pot there too.

When you're really feeling low,
try "Espresso Booster" shot to go
We roast it, chill it, whip it, spill it,
the best you've ever seen
Oh the wonder of the coffee bean.

For those who like to just pretend,
perhaps a "Decaffeinated Poser" blend
There's "Criticize", "Analyze", "Realize"
"Themes" and "Scenes", by the pound, beans

Stay a while sip "A Dream"
Coffee, sugar, a little cream.

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