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Frank McNie's Poems

The Jeellie Piece

Itís a fact that, due to the life wi led,
manyís a jeellie piece wis hidden under the bed.
Lying there in aw the oose,
a bonanza fir a maraudin moose.

Wi wur sae oftin sent tae bed.
wi a skelpit lug and never fed,
That jeellie piece wid be oor saviour,
oor ain reward fir oor misbehavior.

Great feasts ahív hid, cannie compare,
wi that jeelie piece forbidden fare.
It took years fur me to understand,
that oose ind jellie wur no hand in hand.

The breed wid dry oot jist like toast,
at chewin time a chance tae boast.
Wi hid bin sent tae bed withoot oor dinner,
that jeellie piece made us the winner.