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Frank McNie's Poems

Niagara On The Lake

See Fort George, hear cannon roar

imagine all that’s gone before,

then stroll through time and back again

just to be there both now and then.

Sip some wine enjoy a tour

or perhaps a spa to take a cure,

A short drive to see The Falls..

while all around you nature calls,

At the casino take a chance

Perhaps ‘Lady Luck’ will ask to dance.

World class hotels, great B & B’s,

Country Inns all geared to please,

fine restaurants and Queen street shopping

still your poised for border hopping

Golf, cycling, sailing for those who care

or a shaded porch, a good book, an easy chair.

Quaint little houses made of ginger bread,

museums, grande estates

show how life was led.

Antiques and butterflies galore,

fairy sightings by the shore.

How wonderful all this might seem,

enough for any mortal dream.  

Then …” The Shaw Theatre...”

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