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Frank McNie's Poems

A Pile of Stones

The old man had a tear in his eye,
When asked, he gave a sigh.
Its only a pile of stones said he,
But I'll tell you what it means to me.
Squint your eyes in the morning light,
To see the Ladies in their regal splendor,
The Knights in their shining armor.
The moat the draw bridge the majestic walls,
Fanfare feast, gathering worthy of its halls,
Deaths struggle, cannon's roar, bloody sword,
Now before you lie the last reward.
The once great bastion of peoples pride,
Is but rubble on this countryside.
Within this monument of stones,
Lies a people's dream as well as bones.
The sanctuary on which they relied,
Once complete was damnified
Its beauty its greatness were its threat,
What lies here now is a challenge met.
For my ancestors had Royal dreams,
Well above their station so it seems.
Its only a pile of stones said he,
But that is… what it means to me.