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Frank McNie's Poems

The Misfortune Teller

A’ve been to the seer and the seer has said,
dinna show fear fur ye’ll die in yer bed.
Be kind tae aw folk ind animals tae,
hae a guid joke bit dinna aye play.

It’s o.k. tae drink bit be moderate,
stop and jist think before it’s too late.
Tak heed o` yer elders and mind whit they say,
stay clear o` the gelders those weeman that prey.

Be kind wi yer wealth help wha ye can,
avoid any stealth be an upstanding man.
She looked at ma lifeline she scratched at her heed,
she saw there a sign and had to concede.

A’ve been tae the seer and the seer has said,
Ye better show fear, ye’ll soon die in yer bed.