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Poems of Raymond Lee Morehead Esq. FSA Scot.
Bard of Edinburgh Past is Edinburgh Today

The Great Bard of Edinburgh lives on through her people and city of today.
Her historic story written in glorious aged stone honorably still shown.

From the mists of the turbulent past rose this great city to last,
Honored capital of all Scotlandís great cities that were and are to be.

Her heroes though many made not her liberties today,
They but reflected their guiding light to illuminate her way.

Enchanting as she may be long past her prime is she,
Where memories and attitudes still dwell in the past some would say.

Not true I say, look up and see the sunlit topped spires and ramparts bathed in glimmering light,
Where heavens own blue crowns her new day.

Her regal heart is acclaimed internationally by all,
You need only experience it first hand to know her citizenís hospitality renowned.

Edinburgh capital of Scotland where still the white cross of St. Andrews proudly proclaims,
Her faithful peoples dauntless tribute to her past through their honor, truth and loyalty of today.

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