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Poems from Kenneth J Shaw
The Evil Witch of Balwearie

In 1597 after confessing to witchcraft,
And being sentenced to burn at the stake,
The Evil Witch of Balwearie,
Had a proposition to make,
She told all the town officials,
In order to spare her life,
She was willing to point out all witches,
In the whole of the Kingdom of Fife,
She said she could tell by the look of an eye,
And she'd rid all the towns of this craft,
The officials believed all that she said,
To ignore this would really be daft !
They took the witch from town to town,
Where so many were put to their fate,
She'd point out innocent victims,
But for them it was far too late,
The officials began to mistrust her,
Was she sticking to all that she'd said ?
So a victim was brought from the previous town,
And the witch picked another instead,
For three or four months she had watched many die,
Where husbands and children did weep,
The Evil Witch of Balwearie,
Finally she was put to her sleep.
Copyright Kenneth J Shaw

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