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Scotland's Yard Stick - Net
by James Alexander

Circles within circles, circles
in the lobby.
Big wheels, little one's using all that oil.
Met-Mat Science cam-e to rescue;
almost a hobby,
As the Macintosh-gaberdine* impermeable
Saved the day, alike, for man and animal;
need a Bobby?**
Pointing the way, from useless toil
Met-Mat Science cam-e to the rescue:
a doctor's. hobby?

(* easily confused by the Franco-Scots ear as Gaberdeen -  un gars ou gaillard 
d'Aberdeen,  version 14 0ct 2003,
** Bobby-UK policeman, a copper)
***Stimulated and complimentary to "studies in mathematics -sets classes &
categories"  in
*****From :Conversations & Conferences:  "Chemistry can.  A Metallurgist
Replies on chemweb:  CPS

Copyrightę JA. @ ADA Net - 20 Oct. 2003 ( Present & Future Support Effort )

Explaination  due to the global nature of a web site for professional
chemists...all nationalities. There are one or two other such short verses
in "Conversations on Innovations - Le Tour de France". also on ChemWeb

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