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Tam O' The Linn

Tam o' the Linn cam up the gait
Wi' twenty puddins on a plate,
And every puddin had a pin -
"There's wud eneuch here," quo' Tam o' the Linn.

Tam o' the Linn, had nae breeks to wear,
He coft him a sheep's-skin to mak him a pair,
The fleshy side out, the woolly side in -
"It's fine summer cleedin', quo' Tam o' the Linn.

Tam o' the Linn and a' his bairns,
They fell in the fire in ilk ither's airms;
"Oh," quo' the bunemost, "I hae a het skin" -
"It's hetter below", quo' Tam o' the Linn.

Tam o' the Linn gaed to the moss,
To seek a stable to his horse;
The moss was open, and Tam fell in -
"I've stabled mysel', quo' Tam o' the Linn.

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