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Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen

'The brown girl has got houses and lands,
Fair Ellen she hasn't got none;
And if you take your mother's advice,
You would bring the brown girl home.'

He dressed himself in scarlet red,
All mounted o'er wi' green;
And every town that he rode through
They thought he was some king.

When he came to fair Ellen's gates
How loudly he rung the bell;
There were none so ready as fair Ellen
To welcome Lord Thomas in.

'What news, what news, Lord Thomas,' she cried,
'What news have you brought unto me?'
'I've come to bid you to my weddin
And that's sad news to thee.'

'Forbid, forbid, Lord Thomas,' she cried
'Forbid it not unto me,
For I thought you the jolly bridegroom
And I the bride to be.'

'Come ritle me, title me, mother,' she cried,
Come ritle me all into one,
Will I go to Lord Thomas's weddin
Or will I stay at home?'

'Many one's been your friend, fair Ellen
And many one's been your foe,
But if you take your mother's advice
To Lord Thomas' weddin don't go.'

When she came to Lord Thomas' gates
How loudly she rung the bell,
There were none so ready as Lord Thomas
To welcome fair Ellen in.

'Is this your bride, Lord Thomas?' she cried,
'Is this your bride?' cried she,
I thought you the jolly bridegroom
And I the bride to be.'

'Despise her not, fair Ellen,' he cried
'Despise her not unto me;
I wouldn't give your little finger
For all her whole body.'

'Come rattle me, tattle me, mother,' he said,
'Come rattle me all into one;
Oh shall I go an wed fair Ellen
Or welcome the brown girl home?'

'It's the brown girl she having houses and land,
Fair Ellen she having got none;
So if you'll take your mother's advice,
Do welcome the brown girl home.'

He's dressed himself in scarlets of red,
Ornaments of yellow an green;
And every town that he rode through,
An they thought he was a king.

And when they came to fair Ellen's gates
Out loudly he rang the rill,
And who was there more gladder than she
To welcome Lord Thomas in?

'Oh what is the matter, Lord Thomas,' she cried,
'Oh what is the matter?' quoth she.
'I've come tae bid ye tae my weddin
Such news do I bring to thee.'

'Forbid, forbid, Lord Thomas, ' she cried,
'Forbid, forbid, quoth she.
'For I thought that ye wes tae be my own bridegroom,
And me your bride to be.'

'Come rattle me tattle me, Mother," she said,
'Come rattle me all into one,
Oh shall I go to Lord Thomas' weddin
Or shall I stay at home?'

'Oh many has been your friend, dear Ellen,
An many has been your foe;
He's ruined your life and he'll prove your death
To Lord Thomas' weddin don't go.'

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