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Who is a Poet?
by William Smith

A poet is a person, no more, no less.
A poet could be your father, or you mother,
Your sister or your brother. In point of fact,
Any member of your family could be
A scrivener of verse.

That which makes a poet different from
All other people is that personís ability
To put their feelings and emotions into
Verse. Poets are able to bring tears to
Your eyes, and put a lump in your throat.

A poet can be any shape, size, colour, or
Of any ancestry. They come from all the
Fields of work. From university professors,
To soldiers, from police, to criminals,
Come works of verse great and small.

All that is needed to write is the ability
To express your feelings and emotions;
The urge to write; the inspiration to
Put the words in the proper order,
And the love for the written word.

William Smith
19 December 2007

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