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Poems of Joseph Wilson
For the Love of Whisky

A wee nip of whiskey on a bitter spring morn
Makes you feel happy, relaxed and warm
Nary a drop should ever be wasted
Of the finest nectar a Scot~ez_rsquo~s ever tasted

Fill your flask full with some scotch or some rye
Life is too short to live it as dry
Uncork a bottle and let the energy flow
When a true Scotsman~ez_rsquo~s sober his thinker runs slow

Whether straight from the bottle of out of a glass
Enjoy each jigger till the sobriety~ez_rsquo~s past
Pick up a bottle and give it a taste
A good belt of whiskey is shameful to waste

An aged whiskey~ez_rsquo~s best for it has smoother flavor
The older the bottle the better to savor
So if indulging in spirits is what you love most
Lift up your glass and give whiskey a toast!

2004 Joseph Wilson

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