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Poems from Francis Kerr Young

Danny McLardy was a winger Glasgow Rangers during the 1963, 64, 65, and 66 seasons. For many years he has been the proprietor of Opies, a very successful Scottish butcher shop on Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This poem was recited on cable TV sometime after he broke his leg while coaching soccer.


If ye want tae see a cheukie
like a butcher in a stookie,
gang tae Opie's on Concession on the Hill:
There ye'll find a man in plaster
for he courted wi' disaster
playin' fitba' like a silly laddie will.
Ye have tae be richt glaekit
tae kick yer leg an' break it
an' limp aboot for ower a month or twa:
Tae hae a spot that itches,
deep within yer concrete britches
must be murder when ye canny scratch at a'.

So wifies heed this lesson
'cause this could be a blessin'
gang tae Opie's on Concession on the Hill:
Ye could get some meat for free
if ye can scratch his knee -
or a pund o’guid square sausage for yer grill.
So Danny, here's my jest,
though my poetry's no' the best
and customers must be pittin' ye through the mill:
But Ah hope ye're better soon,
an' the price o' meat comes doon
when Ah shop at Opie's on Concession on the Hill.

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