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Poems from Francis Kerr Young
State Emblems

 This poem won 2nd Place in the 2000 National Federation of State Poetry Societies (WVPS category).  This tells of the state flower, bird, and tree and was inspired by Betty Grugin, the editor of Poets' Crossroads, the WVPS newsletter.

a Francois Villon Ballade for Betty Grugin

Soft night bequeaths this veil of mist,
a snowy hush in midnight blue,
where blossoms glow like amethyst
wild rhododendrons drink on dew,
moonshiney white and rosy too.
Great scenes explode as light waves rally,
each with kaleidoscopic hue,
within this West Virginian valley!

Where cardinals arrange a tryst,
calling: All right! All right! halloo;
sweet serenades in woods persist,
as crimson birds just chirp and woo
in Mother Nature's Xanadu.
The other birds burst forth their sally,
expressing happiness on cue,
within this West Virginian valley!

The sugar maples blush when kissed
by Fall's cool lips as he drifts through:
but still fine gossamers exist,
their tendrils temptingly imbue
bright foliage with teaselled oo
on trees too numerous to tally:
and all this grandeur waits for you
within this West Virginian valley!


Forever will this sight hold true,
this timeless world that makes one dally,
when morning mist ensnares this view
within this West Virginian valley!

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