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Poems from Francis Kerr Young
The Night before November

The night before November is nigh,
for on that night October will die!
All kinds of creatures will welcome yon night
for darkness coddles ghosts, goblins, and ghouls,
so bolt your windows till dawn’s early light
when Beelzebub bans All Saints Day rules.
They'll come in their droves to batter your door.
They’ll come with their baskets, their sacks, and their bags,
and shout: "Trick or treat!" then batter some more.
Warlocks and witches (they’re maybe old hags),
demons with pitchforks, elves forming a queue
near candle-lit turnips with lids clamped tight
with flickering grins of toothsome delight.
On and on they come. all claiming their due:
"Dae ye hiv some sweeties?" "Och, dinnae be mean!"
Beware of this night we call Hallowe'en!

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