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Poems from Francis Kerr Young
Night Creatures

How will I know it is you in the night
mongst shadows that skulk out from the gloom?
Little ones shelter in sheets of sheer white,
Listen! and hear the wind whispering doom.
Once on the move they will cover each street,
Waving large bags while they chortle with glee;
Earnest small children shout, "Hey! Trick or treat!"
Every time someone looks out to see
Night beasties screech, scaring gray alley cats,
Prattling pixies, wee hobgoblins, and trolls.
Across the moon's face soar witches and bats,
Riding on broomsticks, cats rubbing their shawls.
This is the time when night creatures are seen,
Yonder they come a-haunting Halloween!


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