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Poems by Yvonne Sparkes
Eilean A` Cheo

Oh Eilean A` Cheo you are dear to me
From those high Cuillin hills, to your blue sparkling sea.
The shores and the mountains, to my bosom I hold.
As this vision of beauty, I gentle enfold..
You are full salty smell, with a sting on my lips.
As your harbour lies teeming, with the fish on your ships.
Green rolling hills, or a mountaineers climb.
With a view over Coruisk, that is simply divine.
My pearl of the ocean, and the love of my heart.
May your Otters abound you, and never depart.
May those Seals grace your island, and bob their wee heads,
Above the calm waters, as they search the sea beds.
Oh my dearest of islands, your soul lives in me.
In my mind I see beauty, of the shore and the sea.
Come play your songs softly, then lull me to sleep.
When I die t`is your memory, in my heart that I`ll keep.
Yvonne Sparkes June 2004

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