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Poems by Yvonne Sparkes

Mighty Kings are buried from the past
Scots and Vikings side by side.
Near your Abbey and Retreat,
Ancient Celt and modern faith abide.
A coracle found your sacred shores.
a holy man would be your vision bright,
To change your faith forever more
Columba would be your guiding light.
Celtic Gods would be replaced
New faith sweeping cross the land
A wind every tossed and blown
A storm as strong as is a desert sand.
From far and near the pilgrims here would come
Consider you a holy place.
Forever till the setting of the sun,
Men of faith would come to know your grace.
So Iona of the faithful's heart,
I come like pilgrim's in your bygone times,
To seek and find a solitude.
To keep the inner peace I find.

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