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Poems by Yvonne Sparkes
The Spirit Of The Highlands And The Islands

Never to roam, may my spirit remain
And fly o`er the hills, and o`er every plain.
Make me part of the wind, that brings summer`s breeze
To the grass and the flowers, to rustle the trees.
Let me soar like an Eagle, that greets sunlight`s quest.
With a welcome of friendship, to the mountains a guest.
To rest on the hillsides, and to bath in the streams,
By the cool of Peat waters, in my island of dreams.
I am one with the earth, and one with the sky.
On the back of the seabirds, to the sea I shall fly,
And follow the boats, as they haul the nets filled,
With the fish that are jumping, hoping some over-spill.
I walk with the Shepherd, as he checks on his sheep,
While his dog is up circling on a hill that is steep.
In the corries I wander, and beneath the crag,
Is the home of the Hind, and the home of the Stag.
The mist swirls and covers the rock with it`s veil,
And the rain falls, the ice forms, with the thunder and hail.
I am one with her wildness, and one with her heart.
Let her beauty enfold me, so I never depart.
Yvonne Sparkes June 3. 2004

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