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Friends of Grampian Stones

Friends of Grampian Stones
Welcome to our pages of antiquities and culture of Northeast Scotland

Friends of Grampian Stones

Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardinshire & Moray - four counties in Northeast Scotland with boundaries created in Norman times based on earlier Pictish land divisions - have the world's greatest configuration of prehistoric and early-historic stones, carved art and clusters of ancient settlements, in an area roughly half the size of Switzerland, within walking distance for most people. We list sites with disabled access with a *star. Please bear in mind, when visiting the stones, firstly that they originally had sacred meaning to the culture which erected them; secondly that most still stand on private ground and are protected not only by the Scottish Executive, but also personally by the landowner over whose field you walk.

Friends of Grampian Stones
is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Scotland with the Capital Taxes Office number ED/455/89/JP 1998, 1999, 2000 Friends of Grampian Stones
Editor: Marian Youngblood

Sculptured Stones of Scotland
By John Stuart
A book published by the Spalding Club in 1856

This is a publication in 2 volumes in pdf format

Volume 1  |  Volume 2