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Friends of Grampian Stones

Friends of Grampian Stones

Sueno's Stone

Friends of Grampian Stones

The Elgin Class II cross-slab and the 21-foot high (6.5metre) Sueno's Stone outside Forres
Pictish cross-slab within the cathedral precinct in Elgin; found near St Giles in the High Street. A Christian cross on the farther side of the Elgin Class II Pictish stone emphasizes the importance
of Christianity within the Pictish royal house at the time of its carving (c.AD8th century). The simple 'double-disc & Z-rod' and 'crescent & V-rod' of earlier Class I stones have now become heavily interlaced with Christian knotwork and the lowest panel depicts the royal pursuit of hunting with hounds & falcon - a clear message to the Pictish people that Christianity is endorsed by their king.
Sueno's Stone
Compare with the blatant Christian iconography of nearby Sueno's Stone at Forres a so-called 'class III' stone, but the monolith was probably commissioned by the Scots royal house
in the years following takeover by Kenneth MacAlpin mid-9th century. It has storytelling panels on its obverse face depicting the downfall of the Pictish kingdom

Friends of Grampian Stonesis a non-profit charitable organization registered in Scotland with the Capital Taxes Office number ED/455/89/JP
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