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Oban - The seafood capital of Scotland

Oban, the seafood capital of Scotland has been known for its unspoilt charm and finest of attractions which keep it always in the top spot amongst travelers. With its beauty spotless even wooed, Queen Victoria who called it one of the finest spot's we have seen." Located on Scotland's west coast, Oban is less than two hours from Stiring by rail or road.

The surrounding coast and especially the Sound of Mull offers some of the most spectacular underwater diving experiences in all of the British Isles, including an array of undersea shipwrecks. One can also hire boats from the town centre for charters to the picturesque Isle of Mull and Iona, reputedly the point from which St. Columba's Christianity was spread to the United Kingdom.

Things to look for in Oban

  • Inveraray Highland games held in the month of July

  • Lorn Agricultural Show held in the month o August

  • Argyllshire Highland Gathering held in the month of August

Accommodation choice in Oban :

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