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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry

Spent a fair bit of time walking around the battlefield to get pictures of the various clan positions.

These are pictures of the Information Centre and the building beside it. The black sheep are there to eat all the weeds outside the Battlefield and come from the Hebrides

These were signs and grave markers on the way to the cairn and around the whole site and from the picture below someone obviously placed a feather by this marker. On the left is "Well of the Dead". Here died Alasdair MacGillivray of Dunmaglass, Commander of the Clan Chattan Regiment, with many other Jacobite troops.

The stone on the left I couldn't make out but the one on the right is Mixed Clans

Cairn on the left and on the right the inscription

I confess that as the land is so flat you didn't really get a feel for the battle, or at least I didn't. The description in my account of the battle on the site just didn't seem to tie up with what I saw there. You can get a guided tour around the whole battlefield and I suspect it would be worth the money.

While at Culloden it's also worth while to see the Clava Stones and although I didn't manage to visit them I am indebted to Steve and Amanda Hurd of Conway, AR for sending in these pictures...

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