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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry
Day 10

A really beautiful day so decided south and east towards Blairgowrie to start with and then see what took my fancy from there...

Noted this wee loch on the way and noted fishermen on the banks so took a wee stop here

Entering Blairgowrie

These are views on the road to Blairgowrie and a couple of shots of the town and on my way out I decided to go to Braemar which took me through Glenshee.

This is driving up towards Glenshee

Magic road winding towards Glenshee

Lovely road and scenery with burn winding through the Glen

Picture on left shows ruined cottage on left and a boarded up one on right of picture

Braemar Castle and grounds

The above pictures are of the road through Glenshee to Braemar and then picture of coming into Braemar and then a visit to Braemar Castle and grounds and then a picture of Braemar from the other side of town.

I decided not to go to Aberdeen so returned through Glenshee to pick up the Pitlochry road to get back to the hotel.

Entrance to road to Pitlochry and then picture of moor with road winding through it

Note the sign "Lambs Crossing"

Lovely spot for a house!

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