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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry
Travel to Foss from Pitlochry (Part 1)

Today I found there was a wee road to Foss which takes you the other side of the River from the Queen's View so determined to try it out as there are certainly beautiful scenes from the other side so off I went...

On my way to Pitlochry I stopped again at the Queen's view to take another photo and as I came away there was a large aircraft going overhead which I tried to photograph. Always the same... you just miss out on great photos as it would have been great getting that flying over the Queens View.

The picture on the left is of a little ruined settlement and I've taken a couple more of it when I got around the other side

You can just make out the aircraft I tried to photograph

This is Pitlochry Theatre and a view from it over the town of Pitlochry. This was me now on the way to the Foss road

Above the theatre is a grand wee garden but it was closed when I was there

So on the way onto the Foss road with some great views already

I'm pretty sure some of these views would not be available in the Summer when the leaves are on the trees. Of course some sunshine would help and if it comes out before I got I'll try and go back

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