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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry
Spending time in Glen Lyon (Part 3)

And yet more pictures...

Sheep sheep everywhere so be sure and drive carefully on these almost single track roads!

An interesting tribute to a Campbell

This was pretty much the end of the glen but there was a wee road up the hill which I decided to follow and look what I found! :-)

I don't think I did this view justice but it was certainly a stunning view

If you look carefully at the picture on the left you'll see the road climbing zig zag up the hill.  I didn't progress further as I was told there was no through road but I later found out I could have continued and would have ended up at Killin

This was me returning on the same road that I went up

I just spotted this Stag so grabbed the camera before it had a chance to escape :-)

An excellent place to get hearty soups and smashing sandwiches to fortify you and I'd highly recommend a visit should you pass this way.  They even have Internet access!!!

And I just left in time to grab this sunset

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