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Alastair's Holiday around Pitlochry
Isle of Skye (Part 10)

Today I was heading back through Portree and onwards to the Skye Bridge and then down to the Scottish Borders as I had an early morning Monday meeting to attend in Hawick and so there was some 9 hours of a drive but I did take time to take more pictures...

As you can see it was quite cloudy when I set off although the sun would be through as I progressed on the road through Skye

As you can see I've arrived in Portree

This was the local garage where I got filled up with petrol and got my Sunday Newspaper :-)

And some final shots of Portree before heading inland towards the Skye Bridge.  You'll note the wee bit of sun that was starting to come through :-)

This view was very impressive and I was trying different shots to try and capture it

And lo and behold a Golf Course with golfers on the course!

And as I headed through the hills the sun was peeping through again

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