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Jam Side Down
Traveling the West Highland Way by William Kerr


The story of six men all 40 somethings taking up the biggest single challenge they have encountered in their dull dreary lives. Until now their biggest thrill was a boggie or par and looking forward to the 19th.

To break away from the mundane I decide to walk the West Highland Way. The coward I am I cannot do it all alone so I recruit a few Friends to come along and help raise cash for a good cause at the same time. 

Life is hard and Wullie needs a recipe. To beat the day-to-day drudgery of forty somethings life he seeks a new regime, a new way forward. Enlisting the support of his golfing buddies six guys take on the task to raise money for a good cause by walking through some of Europe’s remotest landscapes, following the West Highland Way.

Be the midge on the tent and join in the walk and share every high, every laugh as well as their lowest moments in walking a hundred miles through the remotest and arguably the most beautiful scenery in Europe.

What seems in planning to be a `doodle` the guys soon find out that there is no easy way on foot with both physical and mental pain battering their emotions only being kept in place by camaraderie, a good carry out and plenty of laughs.

From Milngavie to Fort William they meet people from all over the world and share with them the warmth and humor of the Scots.

See through the eyes of the walker, what the West Highland Way is, what to do or in this lots case  what not to do.

Willie Kerr (