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Clan Birse

The name Birse is derived from Birse in Aberdeenshire.  Investigations of the surname Birse or a variant show that it appears in Scottish documents from the 15th century when Duncan de Byrss, burgess of Aberdeen is recorded in 1462 and in 1469 as Duncan of Birss.  Later references include Margaret Birse who was married in Edinburgh in 1597, Samuel Birss, writer to the signet in Edinburgh, was heir to Alexander Birss, tailor burgess of Edinburgh in 1611.  James Birse in Keillsyd was witness in Aberdeen in 1688, and Robert Birss was shipmaster at Montrose in 1762. John Birss in Dykehead of Borrowstoun is in record in 1723, and another John Birse, farmer at Bottomend, Aboyne, died in 1866.