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Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland
VIII. The Laigin

The Laigin

known as O’Hara Boy (Buidhe), the Yellow O’Hara, and O’Hara Reagh (Riabhach), the Speckled or Brindled O’Hara. A branch of the family settled early in County Antrim, and became very important there.

The O’Garas were once one clan with the O’Haras, and together their territory, Luighne, included the modern baronies of Corran and Leyney in South Sligo, and Gallen and North Costello (Sliabh Lugha) in Mayo. About the end of the tenth century the two families separated, and divided the territory between them, the O’Garas taking the Mayo portion. They were driven from their territory by the Jordans, Costellos and other Anglo-Norman settlers, and

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