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Chiefs & Chieftains
Thanks to Iain Brodie of Falsyde for letting us have a copy of this work in progress.  Should you have any information to add to this you can email Iain Brodie direct.

This list is prepared by Iain Brodie of Falsyde. FSA. Scot. as part of a new book in preparation  
with a working title currently " THE SCOTTISH CLANS HERITAGE & HISTORY "  
A There are over 350 registered or 'known' Clans and Armigorous Houses in Scotland.  
B All the 'NAMES' in the left hand column are a virtually complete record however there are still a few more to be traced and added.
Likewise, the names and titles of Clan Chiefs, Chieftains and Armigorous Heads of Houses are being listed progressively  
as research and time permits but it is a fairly drawn out process.    
C The protocol in spelling of the names prefixed with 'MAC' are spelt this way as standard however as readers will be aware  
there are several variations in common use but these do NOT denote a separate Clan of Armigorous House.  
D The research to complete the details in columns C to F is ongoing and it should be noted that where Chiefs, Chieftains or  
heads of Houses are named as current at the time of entered but due to death these may be out of date. Likewise there are  
always new individuals coming forward to Claim the rights as Chiefs or Chieftains at the Court of The Lord Lyon who is the  
absolute arbiter in these matters and the associated Heraldic achievements which go with the Chiefly title, such Coats of Arms  
as they are known, comprising a shield, crest and slogan for example can only be used by the INDIVIDUAL to whom they are  
granted. They are NOT Clan armorials, they are an indivisible personal right and property which may only be used by their  
Grantee, which individual may allow the use of the Crest only, in what is known as the 'strap and buckle' form by their kinsmen.
E Anyone with information and or corrections is welcome to draw my attention to them, this would be greatly appreciated, by the  
same token, any queries I will attempt to answer as soon as possible but please be patient.  
F The orthographic convention used throughout in relation to the Mac. Mc. Is to use the correct Anglicising of "Mhic" in the form   
of "Mac". I also intend to standardise the names using the convention of the patronimic commencing as a capital letter, for   
example "Mcdonald or Macdonald" will be shown throughout as " MacDonald ", " MacIntyre ", " MacPherson ", etc.  This does not
imply any criticism of other spelling variants as right or wrong but the normal use is at least to accord the patronimic name with
a capital letter as being more courteous to the addressee.    

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