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Variants Galloway, Galloay, Gallway, Gallowaye, Calloway, Callway, Calloway. A locational name from the district of Galloway, Scotland. From very early times persons bearing this name where found well spread over Scotland. In the 16th century a family of the name settled in Dumbartonshire with others appearing on the east-coast. This name is found in many mediaeval manuscripts in Scotland and examples of such are a Thomas de Galwethia, Earl of Atholl, who made a gift of lands to the Abbey of Neubotle, in the year 1230 and a John Galway was Master of a ship belonging to Sir John of Mountgomery, in the year 1405.  Like their Irish Kinsmen many Scots were forced to seek emigration after the 1745 Rebellion and above all clearances of whole populations by landlords during the 19th century. Other examples are a Galloway, of Kilmaronok,  who followed the Macfarlanes in their deadly feud with the Buchanans, in the year 1619 and a Neill Gallouay, from Wodstoune, was a retainer of the Earl of Cassills in Carrick, in the year 1635.


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