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Variants, Gardyne. A locality surname meaning ' at the garden 'from a residence thereby. This name is of English descent and is found in many ancient manuscripts in the above country. Examples of such are a William del Gardin of Co. Oxfordshire,  who was recorded in the 'Hundred Rolls', England, in the year 1273 and a Thomas del Gardyne was recorded in the 'Close Rolls' during the reign of Edward 1.  Names were recorded in these ancient documents to make it easier for their overlords to collect taxes and to keep records of the population at any given time. When the overlords acquired lands by force or gifts from their rulers, they created charters of ownership for themselves and their vassals. Other examples of this name were found in the person of John Garden who appears in the Register of the University of Oxford in the year 1545 and Robert Mathewsone and Margaret Garden were married in the church of St.James in Clerkenwell, in the year 1606.