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From the Highlands to High Finance - The Carolina McColls
By Suzanne Cameron Linder Hurley (2012)

A rich and enjoyable read, From the Highlands to High Finance is an essential component in understanding the significant contributions of the Scots in the Carolinas, and the country.

Illustrated with beautiful photography and archival images from the McColl Personal Collection, this comprehensive account covers sixteen centuries of history, from Colla Uais, a fourth century Irish king, to the present day Carolina McColls. From the Highlands to High Finance offers a detailed account of clan history for all McColls (or McCalls) who trace their families to Appin, Scotland; a look at life for Scottish immigrants in America from 1775 to 1870, between the American Revolution and the end of the Civil War; and the post-war recovery of the New South, led by such men as Duncan D. McColl, Sr, his sons, and ultimately his great-grandson, Hugh McColl Jr, under whose leadership, the Bank of America became one of the biggest, if not the biggest bank in the world.

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