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Clan MacHardy

The name is the Gaelic MacCardaidh, 'son of the sole', and the clan, notably the MacHardies of Strathden and Braemar, became very influential in and around the mountainous districts of Aberdeenshire.

Linda Ward has sent us three scans of an article about the "MacHardy Boys" which we include here for downloading:

The McHardy Boys (1) The McHardy Boys (2) The McHardy Boys (3)
McHardy1 McHardy2 McHardy3

Simply click on the Graphic to see the larger image and then if you wish to save them to your local disk to read simply right click your mouse button over the large image and select to save the picture. You can also just click the text links below the graphics to download them.  We believe this article comes from an old copy of the Scots Magazine.


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