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MacIntyre's at Clan Gathering at Edinburgh 2009

Thanks to Colin McIntyre for sending us in these pictures...

Clan Tent

Marty MacIntyre and The Glen Noe Box and Quaich, both owned by Ian MacIntyre, 17th Chieften of Camus-na-h-Erie.

One of Colin McIntyre just before the Clan Parade. The other shows Archie McIntyre and Marty standing next to The Duke of Argyll, the Chief of Clan Campbell. Archie visited the Campbell tent and asked if the Chief would come round to the MacIntyres to collect the rent.  The Campbell Chief agreed and is holding an ice ball, which contains a small white toy cow.  The closest I could get to a snowball and a white calf...

MacIntyres marching up the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle

One showing Camus-na-h-Erie, Marty and Andrew Macintyre (piping). The other shows Andrew Macintyre piping outside the MacIntyre Tent, with Camus-na-h-Eries banner.

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