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Motto: Audentes fortuna juvat - "Fortune favours the brave".
Badge: A boar's head with a deer bone in its mouth.
Septs of the Clan: Love, Mackinney, Mackinning, Kackinvan, MacMorran.
Names associated with the clan:
Kinney Kinnie Kinnon Love MacCannan MacCannon MacFingan MacFingon MacFingone MacFinnan MacFinnen MacFinnon MacFyngoun MacInnon MacInvine MacKeenan MacKena MacKenen MacKeney MacKenie MacKenna MacKennah MacKennan MacKennane MacKennay MacKenney MacKinin MacKinna MacKinnay MacKinnen MacKinney MacKinnie MacKinning MacKinnon MacKinoun MacKinven MacKiynnan MacKmorran MacKynnay MacKynnie MacMoran MacMorane MacMoren MacMorin MacMorine MacMorran MacMorrane MacMorrin MacMoryn MacMoryne MacMurrin MacPhingone MacSherry MacShirie MacShirrie Makenone Makfingane Makfingoun Makkynine Makkynnon Makmorane Morin Morran Morren Morrin Murren

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