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Motto: Think on; Superba frango (Latin : I break down proud things)
Names associated with the clan:
Bombie Cliland Gilelin Gilfalyn Gilfelan Gilfillan Gilfillane Gilfillian Gilfolan Gilfulain Gilfulan Gilland Gillefalyn Gillefillane Gillefillian Gillefolan Gilleland Gillephillane Gillifelan Gillilan Gilliland Gillphillan Gilphillan Guileland Guililand Guilliland Guliland Gulliland MacCulican MacCuligan MacCuligin MacCulikan MacCuliken MacGillelan MacGillelane MacGillfhaolain MacGillolane MacIlelan MacIleollan MacIlleland MacLalan MacLalland MacLallen MacLelan MacLeland MacLelane MacLelann MacLelen MacLellan MacLelland MacLellane MacLolan MacLolane Makellane Maklellan Maklellane Maklolayn

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