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Clan MacLennan Association USA Inc.

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  • Clan History
    This is where we tell you about our clan history.
  • The Clan Piper
    Our Clan Newsletter.
  • Clan Membership
    This is where you can apply for Clan membership.
  • Highland Games
    This is where you will find a list of Highland Games where Clan representation is available.
  • Gaelic Awareness
    Where we provide some words in Gaelic for you learn.
  • Contacts
    This is how you can contact us.
  • Our WebBoard Conference
    Do make use of our Clan conference on Electric Scotland's WebBoard.

Ruaridh MacLennan of MacLennan, Chief, Clan MacLennan Ruaridh MacLennan of MacLennan, Chief, Clan MacLennan.
Photo taken June 2001.